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OCT 15 2013

Activate, Engage, and Sustain: Announcing Textizen Campaigns

Over 25,000 texts across 40 cities later, Textizen is a proven, powerful way to activate and engage communities. We’re excited to introduce a way to sustain those conversations, with Textizen Campaigns.

Launching Fall 2013, Textizen Campaigns are a revolutionary way to turn lightweight action into long-term engagement. Once you’ve built an initial audience, it’s easy to stay connected through our automated text platform. Share project updates, collect additional input, or segment audiences based on past responses — it’s up to you.

Textizen Campaigns

Other new features:

  • Textizen en Español: Support for surveys in spanish
  • Multiple phone numbers per survey: segment results across response channels
  • And more!

Learn more, and sign up for early access now.