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SEP 28 2015

New in Textizen: Inbound Voicemail and Notifications

Girl on phone

Image via Marjan Lazarevski (CC BY-ND 2.0).

Textizen powers interactive text messaging for all levels of government, but as we grow, we’re learning that some agencies have very personal relationships with the citizens they serve. For example, a human service agency that provides 1:1 or small-group services might be on a first-name basis with their audience. The individuals they serve may work with an assigned case manager to transition home from incarceration, or enroll in training or education opportunities.

By reaching out through text, these agencies are offering a convenient and universally accessible citizen experience. And it’s working: their participants engage up to 10x more than the average Textizen user — and not just in response to a specific survey or prompt.

Today, Textizen launches two enhancements: inbound voicemail and interactive notifications. Now, citizens can leave voicemails for Textizen users, and it’s even easier for administrators to see and act on noteworthy activity in their account.

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MAY 19 2015

Textizen Photo Messaging Is Here

Phone photography in action

Image via UltraSlo1 (CC BY 2.0).

Our clients have been asking, and today we’re pleased to announce we’ve rolled out Photo Messaging. This means you can now receive images within Textizen, directly from your respondents’ cell phones.

With Textizen Photo Messaging, case workers in human services can collect important documents from clients without a fax machine or a computer. Planners can ask citizens to text in an image of their favorite street corner or skyline view. And environmental reporting becomes faster, richer, and more accessible, as an illegal dumping site or idling vehicle can be documented in a snap.

Want to learn more about how photos can streamline your workflow, enrich your surveys, or improve your reporting? Get in touch:

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JAN 20 2015

New Sending Improvements

Follow-ups, check-ins, and longitudinal research just got a lot easier: This past week, we rolled out several improvements to Textizen’s sending capabilities. These new features allow you to easily send the same poll to new cohorts, or resend past surveys to increase completion rates. You can also setup all your monthly surveys for a research study in advance, or send a weekly check-in to clients.

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Canceling or editing scheduled messages is as easy as clicking either icon in the poll editor!

Have any questions about this new functionality, or want to put it work for you? Get in touch:

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