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SEP 24 2013

3 Best Practices for Text-Based Civic Engagement

After delivering over 20,000 responses for communities across the country, we’ve learned a lot about what makes for successful civic outreach by text message.

These lessons are all included in our Best Practices guide (free for Textizen subscribers), which guides you through the process of launching a successful outreach campaign. Read on for 3 tips to supercharge your civic engagement.

1. Start Backwards: Define Your Goal

When kicking off a campaign, start with the ultimate goal and work backwards.

Are you focused on gauging the impact of near-term local development projects, or long-term master plan adoption? Preparing for school budget cuts, or trying to raise participation in programs? Or are you most interested in collecting demographics to better understand a particular audience?

What types of data, information, or engagement would be most useful for influencing decision-makers?

Examples: ranking of service preferences, support or opposition for a proposal, broad generation of ideas, contact information to bring people to in-person events.

Once your goals are clear, and you’ve identified the types of data you’ll need, all that’s left is getting people hooked and asking a few followup questions.

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