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OCT 09 2014

"Give Kids Sight Day" Tracks Outcomes with Textizen

Sight Day happy child

Image via Eagles Youth Partnership

Each year, the nonprofit Philadelphia Eagles Youth Partnership holds a “Give Kids Sight Day” event, providing free eye exams and glasses to more than 1,000 children in need. The event provides services regardless of insurance or citizenship, and has been a boon to thousands of kids in Philadelphia who are uninsured or whose parents can’t afford to replace lost or broken glasses.

The community’s reaction to Give Kids Sight Day has been overwhelming each time, but the event organizers had no way to truly measure the impact of their efforts. Since the glasses are mailed to schools for distribution, there was no way to confirm that children received them, or to gather data on the effect they had on kids’ lives.

This past summer, Give Kids Sight Day organizers realized they could solve this problem using accessible technology. They needed a way to reach out to families across all income levels, without requiring smartphones or home Internet access. Textizen’s ability to reach almost everyone (90% of U.S. adults have texting capabilities) made it a clear fit for the project, so we got to work measuring outcomes.

Sight Day eye exam

Image via Eagles Youth Partnership

Gathering Data, Improving Services

Using the Textizen platform, the Give Kids Sight Day organizers sent text message surveys to each family that received glasses. Within just one hour, 50% of the surveys were completed. Not only did the organizers know who received the glasses, they also had detailed data on how they affected kids’ abilities from reading levels to classroom learning and sports.

“Textizen allows us to track, for the first time, whether the glasses we provide are really helping 1,100 children see. It’s exciting to have an expansive solution to an entrenched problem.”

-Sarah Martinez-Helfman
Executive Director, Eagles Youth Partnership

The quick seven-question survey also asked whether parents would prefer the next Give Kids Sight Day to take place in spring or fall, and whether they would recommend the event to a friend or relative (97% said yes). Parents whose children had lost or broken their glasses were given a number to call to arrange for a replacement pair.

With a simple series of text messages, the Eagles Youth Partnership not only gathered vital information on the effectiveness of Give Kids Sight Day, but improved their ability to serve the community.

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